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Welcome to the Law Office of Edward W. Neufville, III, LLC. We are a full service United States Immigration and Nationality law firm located in the Washington DC metro area. We are committed to our clients and our community. We are Competent, Dedicated and Passionate about our work and what we do! We value our clients and our clients’ time and their peace of mind. Our firm has the reputation of taking challenging cases and producing positive results on behalf of our clients.  In most cases, the stakes are extremely high and the lives and livelihood of the firm’s clients depend on the outcome of their cases.  Our firm’s goal is simple.  We provide excellent and competent legal services to corporate and individual clients on their immigration or international matters.  Work with us +1.301.562.7995

In addition to the firm’s immigration practice, we serve individuals and U.S. businesses, especially in matters relating to Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East,  by providing general consultancies, and advice on the intersection of United States domestic law and international law or foreign law. With an expansive understanding of American and African legal and socio-cultural affairs, the office effectively provides solutions to concerns arising from the convergence of African and the Western legal policies.

You are invited to explore our firm’s website to discover the capabilities of our staff, and the breadth of our practice.

Book a consultation and case review ..Now and meet with Attorney Edward  W. Neufville, III. Consultations are done in person, via Zoom video conference call and by phone.

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